Formatter V6.2 MR2

June 19, 2014

– V6.2 MR2 Release


It's now available to specify the overprint(axf:overprint).
justify-leader has been added to the option setting file.
axf:annotation-author that specifies the author of the annotation has been added.


FO – The following issues have been corrected:

Embedded pdfs started reporting an error.
The image scaling did not use available width and height
The text specified by axf:annotation-title was not applied to the title of the annotation.

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

-ah-reference-orientation bug on @page margin boxes.
An fatal error occurred by referring to the deleted footnotArea.
counter(pages) showed incorrect values.

Common – The following issues have been corrected:

In hyphenation processing, U+2019 was not treated as an apostrophe.
omit-uppercase-word-accents=”el” did not work correctly.
When axf:word-break=”keep-all” was specified, axf:word-wrap=”break-word” was disregarded and a line with a long word overflowed.
font-variant=”small-caps” did not work correctly.
The operator treated by MathML has now been changed to MathML3.0 2nd edition base.
The position of the accent was incorrect in MathML.
The spacing of the operator adjacent to a vertical line (U+007C) was not correct in MathML.
0007759: The processing of the variant-font in MathML was incorrect.
0007572: The expression of MathML might not be outputted when converting PDF with mathML generated by AH Formatter into TIFF by Ghostscript.


The version difference of an open source PNG library in Linux caused a core dump.
The progress status shown by -pgbar with the command line was made eye-friendly.
An error message “Graphic file is broken” is now generated when an image has a problem.