Formatter V6.2 MR7


FO – The following issues have been corrected:

  • Transparent borders produced a diamond image pattern at the corners.
  • table header border-bottom disappeared on the last row and page.
  • retrieve-table-marker in the supplied document caused the Formatter to crash.
  • The first marker on a page was not being selected.
  • page-number-citation-last was not working if folio-prefix was used.
  • Floats were being dropped.
  • axf:append-non-starter-characters did't accept CL class characters.
  • baseline-shift was using the font-size.
  • The numerical context led to overflow.
  • Images on top of the page disappeared.
  • A float caused the line number corruption.
  • A float caused the line numbering to reset.
  • The position of the line number in float was incorrect when axf:line-number-position=”alternate” was specified.
  • WinAnsiEncoding always triggered the missing glyph abort error.
  • Cambria math font was corrupted.
  • axf:alt-glyph was not correctly processed.

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

  • Unwanted line break was introduced by a container.
  • Text in an object that included position:absolute was placed incorrectly when a line break occurred.
  • The first-line processing caused the text line missing.
  • reflow() did not delete the formatted pages.

Common – The following issues have been corrected:

  • Supplied documents caused the Formatter to crash.
  • margin-bottom on a block-container moved the previous content to the next page.
  • A column rule overflowed.


  • Generated PDFs were corrupted.
  • A memory leak with cgm + svg images and page-number-citation with invalid reference.