Formatter V6.2 MR10

July 23, 2015

– V6.2 MR10 Release


FO – The following issues have been corrected:

  • block-container with reference-orientation=90 overflowed.
  • Floats overlapped.
  • There were floats that overflowed the pagefloat.
  • A 2-column block container did not break as expected.
  • Formatter got stuck in an endless loop with large table-footer.
  • The latin-ligature setting affected the space after possibly unrelated character.
  • The transparency specified to axf:box-shadow was not correctly processed.
  • avoid-widow-words did not work.

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

  • @font-face didn't find font with pdf output and the command line or java interface.
  • The first-line pseudo element with an element that had display:none in the first line caused text to repeat first-line.
  • overflow:error-if-overflow; didn't generate an error.
  • CSS + HTML caused Formatter to crash.

Common – The following issues have been corrected:

  • formatter exited without error.
  • A block in xsl-footnote-separator caused Formatter to crash.


  • Formatter failed to render the CGM image.
  • A portion of CGM image were cut in half.
  • SVG was not correctly rendered.
  • SVG text subscript interfered with text alignment.
  • invalid scaling of WMF file.
  • Threaded java memory leak and corruption with eps files.
  • Postscript output with STIX font failed to convert with Adobe Distiller.
  • Postscript output changed character codes.
  • Radio buttons did not work as expected using PDF 1.3.
  • hyphenate=”true” caused extra hyphen to appear after breaking a word with a hard hyphen.