Formatter V6.3 R1

Antenna House Formatter
February 4, 2016
-V6.3 R1 Release


  • Improved Formatting Speed
  • Reduced PDF File Size
  • Support for Myanmar characters
  • Support for Sinhala characters

The following operating systems are now supported

    1. Windows Server 2012 R2
    2. Windows 8.1
    3. Windows 8.1 x64 Edition
    4. Windows 10
    5. Windows 10 x64 Edition

It is now possible to specify the following functions:

    1. Spread Page Master
    2. nested page sequences with fo:page-sequence right under fo:flow
    3. @counter-style for CSS
    4. paginate to background-repeat for CSS
    5. force-page-count for CSS
    6. reverse page numbering
    7. placement of footnotes in odd/even page numbers
    8. alternate to axf:float-x
    9. border thickness with border-style=”double”
    10. border wave form with border-style=”wave”
    11. functions cmyk() and cmyka()
    12. language to use hyphenation with TeX dictionary
    13. nb (bokmål) and nn (nynorsk) in Norwegian for Hyphenation
    14. accent mark for an upper-case letter in Greek
    15. fragment for an XML file with fo:external-graphic
    16. whether to enable or disable pseudo-scripts in MathML
    17. the signed length as a value of stretchy
    18. whether a circle drawn with <menclose notation=”circle”> is circumscribed or inscribed against the boundary rectangle
    19. text justification methodif a leader is justified
    20. tab stop position
    21. overflow limit
    22. string to be shown at the bottom of each page
    23. overprint
    24. whether to convert a transparent image to be embedded in PDF to opaque
    25. whether to output an original image to PDF or to downsample it
    26. High Compression Settings in GUI for an image to be outputted to PDF
    27. transparency to annotations in PDF
    28. author of the annotation
    29. stop outputting PDF bookmarks
    30. whether to embed a tagged PDF in a tagged PDF
    31. whether to encrypt metadata when encrypting PDF
    32. whether to prevent the real value to be outputted to PDF from exceeding the limit value
    33. OpenType CFF fonts to be embedded in PDF are reduced in size
    34. Data Matrix with Barcode Generator Option
    35. PDF417 with Barcode Generator Option
    36. color of a bar code with Barcode Generator Option
    37. change the value of a margin (quiet zone) with QR
    38. whether to process transparency upon outputting pdfmark in PostScript® output
    39. edit Option Setting Files from GUI
    40. display text baselines in GUI
    41. https to the URI scheme even for non-Windows version

XSL – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. Dummy float did not keep other floats from moving into the next section
    2. space-before led to invalid borders on table that begins page
    3. bidi-override process was inappropriate
    4. axf:overflow-condense-limit-font-size did not work correctly when 2 values are specified
    5. axf:ruby-align sometimes inappropriately worked when letter-spacing is specified
    6. overflow=hidden block-container leaked content if font-size is greater than line-height

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. reflow process was inappropriate
    2. css gradient locked up AH Formatter
    3. element() with running header not working for blank pages.
    4. Some of CSS formatting processes were modified

Other – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. Tagged PDF output has unexpected content
    2. SVG data process
    3. CGM data process
    4. JPEG data process
    5. .NET interface process was modified
    6. two-pass created invalid page reference