Formatter V6.5 MR2

December 14, 2017
– V6.5 MR2 Release

FO – The following issues have been corrected:

  • An unexpected page break before a multi-column block container occurred. #15602
  • A multi-column block-container with a table child generated too many small block viewport areas. #15639
  • A table header and a footnote body prematurely moved in a table that was moved off the page. #15632
  • The transparency settings in the fo:bookmark-tree element was invalid.

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

  • A float created as a sidenote could not be split and overflowed. #15410
  • A float moved with ‘auto-next' used the incorrect text alignment. #15362
  • A float caused another float defined in the :before element to overflow. #15362
  • The :after inline element caused string() to use the wrong value. #15410
  • An image incorrectly rendered as part of the next page sequence. #15428
  • Multiple pages in the same element were selected using the :first page selector. #15365
  • z-index was not applied to the image loaded with content:url. #15510
  • The font fallback with target-text that did a forward reference failed with the Dax font. #15465
  • @font-face didn't distinguish between normal and bold variants correctly. #15474



  • PDF output error with the external-destination property. #15435
  • A SVG background image randomly changed #15443
  • The font-style: italic property in a class that contained an SVG image that was used multiple times caused the inconsistent behavior. #15594
  • Crash with malformed EPS. Improved to generate the error message. #15406
  • CGM with broken BITONTAL_TILE element hanged AH Formatter. #15629
  • RGB to CMYK conversion turned green into blue. #15488
  • rgb-conversion=”cmyk” was ignored with pdf/x-4 output. #15488
  • Adjusted the length of vertical line with the mfenced element in MathML.
  • Missing graphic error with printer marks in the area tree. #15643
  • Comma processing problems specified in the external graphic src. #15659