Formatter V6.5 MR3

February 8, 2018
– V6.5 MR3 Release

FO – The following issues have been corrected:

  • Columns in a container weren't balanced after the page break. #15722
  • fo:table-footer caused a change bar to be in the wrong place. #15816
  • fo:table-footer rendered a change bar in the wrong place. #15811
  • Ligatures were still showing up when a zero-width non-joiner space was between the letters. #15692
  • Invalid error message with change-bar inside a basic link and a change of writing mode. #15721
  • A PDF background image was creating extra blank pages. #15784

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

  • The floats overflowed the page. #15634
  • The footnote rendered before the content and an extra page break was generated. #15864
  • The sidenote shift caused shifted sidenote to not use the baseline grid. #15817
  • An odd breaking and unexpected gap were generated at the bottom of row-spanned table cell. #15637
  • PDF could not be embedded when specified to be in multiple pages.



  • PDF embedding failed even if the PDF was embeddable.
  • Improved the error message so that the PDF file name was shown in the message.
  • SVG color fill did not work correctly. #15902
  • SVG dots were not rendered.
  • SWF data failed to be embedded in non-Windows environment.
  • The conversion from YCCK color space to CMYK failed.
  • The formatting result on the GUI was incorrect.
  • 2pass option caused some page numbers to read 0 instead of the correct page. #15350