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By selecting the Antenna House Regression Testing System, you’ll get best-in-class PDF comparison software with a free trial included. Regression testing can help you detect any changes or abnormalities, such as updating your system, hardware or software through new installations or programmed changes. Adopting a reliable PDF comparison tool means you’ll never have to worry about loss of image quality, disappearing content, or formatting changes that cut against your brand image and quality.

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  • Pixel-by-pixel comparison to avoid the errors present in coding comparison
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  • PDF-to-PDF file comparisons
  • PDF-to-PDF directory comparisons
  • Image-to-image comparisons
  • Unlimited page comparisons
  • Test PDFs from our Antenna House Formatter or any other software
  • The ability to exclude repeat portions (like headers) from your page comparisons

These benefits can result in hundreds of reduced man hours for your largest comparison products. So don’t let subtle changes go unnoticed by your staff — get them back in the field by taking advantage of the Antenna House PDF compare tool with a free trial.

Antenna House’s Long History of Excellence

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