The Smartest PDF Comparison Software Available

We originally created our Antenna House Regression Testing System PDF document comparison software as an internal solution to perform regression testing when we released new versions of our Formatter software. After we realized what a great help it was, we’ve expanded the system to work with any PDF you may need and offered it to our clients.

Our Regression Testing System will help you compare PDF documents for all of your operations. Simply select your original and latest file versions, provide a DPI for comparison, and then click “Compare” to start saving yourself hundreds of man hours on your biggest regression testing projects.

You know time is money, and our PDF document comparison software will help you save both.

The Most Sophisticated Feature Set

More users are turning to the Antenna House Regression Testing software to compare two PDF documents, thanks to our simple UI and list of features and options to meet all of your needs for any project.

Save time and money with our software, and benefit from our top features:

  • Simple UI for comparing documents or directories
  • Integration with other Antenna House software including our Formatter API
  • Highlighted and listed differences
  • Unlimited page counts for comparisons
  • A comparison based on pixel-by-pixel review, not prone to errors of coding comparisons
  • Testing of any PDFs regardless of the product or software used to create them
  • The first commercial-grade product to handle large document loads at a speed of 10,000 pages in under 10 minutes
  • Ability to distribute regression testing across multiple systems for increased speeds

Making Changes That Are Easy to See

Unlike other software used to compare two PDF files, you’ll never struggle to locate the differences found by the Antenna House Regression Testing System.
Our unique technology highlights the differences between documents through a single list of all pages. If the system finds changes among your documents, you’ll get a three-pane display to help you quickly find and address the problems.

The three windows in our PDF document comparison software are:

  • Far-left — Original page for comparison.
  • Far-right — Newest PDF page for comparison.
  • Center — A composite of the two documents with highlighted changes. Any text not present in the original document will be displayed in green, while content that has been removed from your original document is displayed in red. Small changes in content are colored blue so you can see where formatting or other issues may have cropped up.

Save your company’s time and money by reducing your workload and improving the release time for your latest updates. Contact Antenna House today and ask about our free trial.