Why Should You Automate PDF Comparisons?

The Antenna House Regression Testing System offers the most comprehensive way to compare two PDF documents for differences and shorten your evaluation period for testing new software versions. You’ll never again be left to manually check and see if a 2 pt. shift in a rule actually occurred when you updated your stylesheet or made a CMS adjustment.

Antenna House Regression Testing means reliability and fewer hours used to compare PDF documents for changes. We automate the tedious stuff so you can get back to making the big picture decisions. So when your company trusts you to manage software changes, trust Antenna House to ensure they take hold across all of your documentation.

Part of Your Perfect Maintenance Suite

Antenna House’s Automated Regression Testing makes the perfect verification system for your projects using Antenna House Formatter.

Formatter delivers 8 maintenance releases each year to ensure you have the most compliant formatting software on the market. To ensure that no discrepancies are caused by these scheduled updates, we recommend you use the Regression Testing System to verify all of your documents.

Our Regression system is so robust that you can compare PDF outputs by other software as well. No matter what software package you have, you’ll be able to quickly compare two PDF documents and highlight their differences. The Regression Testing System is the perfect way to maintain your document security and veracity.

You won’t ever have to wonder how to compare two PDF files for changes, and you can save your company time and money in the process.

How to Compare PDF Files for Differences

The Regression Testing System from Antenna House can reduce the number of man hours needed to review your PDF documents by 90%. A complex GUI would hurt that savings, so we provide a simple platform that you can quickly master on Windows or Linux. Simply select the two files or directories to compare, enter the DPI you want them reviewed with, and click “Compare.”

You also won’t waste time waiting thanks to processing speeds of up to 10,000 pages in under 10 minutes. Save even more time using the simple GUI to view which documents have no differences and see instant highlights whenever a discrepancy is found.

No matter what service you use to create the PDFs, the Antenna House Regression Testing System has a 100% catch rate for differences in page formatting. It’s the perfect way for you to save time and frustration when you compare PDFs for changes. Contact us today to learn more.