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Introduction to page composition with CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a type of style sheet which can be used for not only Web designs but also variety of printing uses and page media such as PDF. This document will explain CSS page composition based on the Preview Version of Antenna House Formatter V6, which implements CSS3.

CSS Formatting Options

CSS is a stylesheet language that is used to set the look and feel of documents you write in HTML, XHTML and XML. When you use the Antenna House Formatter, you’ll have access to the 3 levels of style information available for the CSS stylesheet you use. These levels include:

  1. The document’s default style
  2. A specialized style for your style sheet itself. This can be applied to a wide range of documents.
  3. A document-specific style that has its entire layout commands specified in your document or data. This means your CSS formatting can create standard and unique options for your documentation.

When you use modern CSS form formatting, you’ll create Web and print documents from a single XML or HTML document. This is the next evolution of formatting CSS tools, but Antenna House has supported these capabilities for multiple versions of our Formatter.

Antenna House V6.4 has improved CSS support and added new output options. Our compliance efforts allow you to use the Formatter to support documents using CSS2.1 and CSS3 — the CSS3 page model support has expanded to high-quality CSS formatting options as they become available.

With the Web Interface V5.0 for Formatter, you can reduce your development effort for integrating our Formatter with your existing cloud or SAAS developments. This works with both the CSS form formatting and XSL support in the V6.4 Formatter.

You can also control every aspect of your document with the smart CSS table formatting from the Formatter — thanks to an enormous set of supported extensions. Even as new CSS3 specifications become available, The AH Formatter V6.4 CSS formatting tool will support your specific changes with strong conformance rules.

Requirements for Japanese Text Layout

The Japanese Layout Task Force (JLTF) is developing a document about requirements for Japanese layout realized with technologies like CSS and XSL-FO. Only the Part1 is available as of today. One of the objectives of AH Formatter is to satisfy the requirements in the future.

  • Requirements of Japanese Text Layout
    W3C Working Group Note 4 June 2009
    ☞ HTML Version

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