Customer Support & Maintenance Service Guidelines

Please take a moment to check out Customer Support & Maintenance Service Guidelines.


If purchasing multiple licenses, Annual Maintenance may either be purchased for all or none

Maintenance Service


New license purchases come with a 90 day warranty. AH Formatter Lite does not include a 90 day warranty.

Who is entitled to receive the maintenance service?

  • Customers with 90 day warranty. Customers who subscribe to the Annual Maintenance Service per one year after 90 day warranty.
  • AH Formatter Lite customers who subscribe to the Annual Maintenance Service per one year.

If the warranty or annual maintenance period has expired customers may purchase an annual maintenance agreement by paying the retroactive maintenance to when their warranty or previous annual maintenance agreement ended. The customer is then entitled to continued support, the latest version release and all upgrades that become available during the period of the new agreement.

To subscribe to the annual maintenance, please send mail to with the serial No. of your license.

Service provided

  • If the license is within the maintenance period, all Customer Services are available.
    1. Bug reports & Requirements
    2. Upgrade to all major releases and Maintenance releases of AH Formatter
    3. One to one technical support.
    4. Mailing list.
    5. Q&A on the Web.
  • After the maintenance period, only the following services are available.
    1. Mailing list.
    2. Q&A on the Web.

AH Formatter Customer Service

1. Bug reports & Requirements

Please feel free to send us any bug reports for XSL Formatter. If the query is identified as a bug, we will reply to you directly.

2. Upgrade service & Maintenance releases

The functionality of AH Formatter is continuously being enhanced. Enhancements include faster performance, smaller PDF output files, additional features and functionality, etc. Upgrade versions are released to the public. This is called upgrade service. This service provides the AH Formatter upgrades to V6 and maintenance releases.
This service is not available without the license key within the maintenance period. Only the customer whose license is within the maintenance period is able to receive the maintenance service.

3. One to one technical support

Antenna House provides individual one-to-one technical support for AH Formatter via email. The following information should be included in the email to our technical support staff. Your cooperation will assist us in addressing your inquery quickly and thoroughly.

  • Version of AH Formatter
  • License information (Serial No., Company name, Section and User name)
  • OS environment

In the Windows product version, select [Help]-[Mail to Support] on the menu bar in the GUI. The required information is automatically added to the text of your email to support.

This service doesn't include the assistance in writing stylesheets. Please subscribe to Consulting Service to learn how to develop stylesheets by e-mail at

For Registered User

Individual one-to-one technical support for AH Formatter is provided for registered customers. Please feel free to send us any bug reports for XSL Formatter and questions by e-mail to with the above described information. Our support staff will send you feedback within 2-working days to confirm we have received your inquiry.

For Evaluation User

Individual one-to-one technical support is NOT provided for evaluation customers. If your question is not covered in the Q&A page, please send it by e-mail to with the above described information. Please enter “evaluation version” for the serial number. If the query is identified as a bug, we will reply to you directly. If the query is not a bug, we will answer via the Q&A page.

Consulting Service

Consulting service provides you with help in developing your XSLT Stylesheets development and XSL Specifications. Consulting service can take several different forms:

  • Assistance in writing stylesheets.
  • Actual writing of stylesheets.
  • Adding extensions to the core product.

For additional information on Consulting Services please contact Antenna House at

4. Mailing list

Who can join the mailing list?

AH Formatter Mailing list is provided by Antenna House, Inc., as a service to all the AH Formatter registered users. This is the Mailing list for the discussion of AH Formatter and any questions or comments pertaining to XSL-FO.

To subscribe to the AH Formatter Mailing list (language: English), please send email to with the subject line “Subscribe Formatter ML”, and enter the serial No. of your license as a body of your message.

There is a possibility that the email may not reach us. If you do not get a reply within about a week, please resend the message.

Before you post

  1. A message with attachments will bounce.
  2. A message over 128KB will bounce.
  3. A message with inappropriate contents may be deleted.
  4. Subscribers who make a public nuisance repeatedly may be forced to be unsubscribed from the mailing list.
  5. We have a plan to disclose the posted messages on the Web in the future.
    • Mail addresses in the mail headers will be hidden.
    • Messages are not edited in principle.
    • A message with inappropriate contents may be deleted from the archive without disclosing.

5. Q&A on the Web

Any potential or existing customers of AH Formatter may access our Q&A page at our Web free of charge. Your question and answer may be posted on our Website without prior notice. For customer privacy no names or no e-mail addresses are disclosed on our website.

6. U.S. Office Holidays

Technical support and software delivery will not be available on holidays in the U.S. Office for Antenna House; however, we will try our best to respond to your emails as quickly as possible.