I18N Support Library

The Internationalization (I18N) Support Java library is the LGPL open-source license developed by Innodata Isogen, Inc. Antenna House made some modifications to the original library and opened this library under the LGPL license according to the LGPL rule.

 Download I18N Support Library .

The Innodata Isogen Internationalization (I18N) Support Library is a collection of Java classes that provide fundamental services to document processors for localizing and internationalizing the rendered form of XML documents.

The services provided include:

  • Language and locale-specific static (“generated”) text strings. Processors simply have to know what database key and language to ask for, the system then returns the appropriate language-specific string. Database keys can be element type names (e.g. “Chapter”) or arbitrary strings (e.g., “#index”).
  • Language-specific comparators for doing language and locale-appropriate lexical sorting of strings (for example, with the xsl:sort command through Saxon). The generic “getComparator” functions can be bound to any implementation of the Java Comparator interface. The default Comparator implementation is that provided by the ICU4J package ( http://oss.software.ibm.com/icu4j/).
  • Back-of-the-book index configuration management, making it easy to define and use language-specific index grouping and sorting.
  • Functionality exposed as XSLT extension functions through Saxon's extension API.

The core functions (I18nService) are processor independent and can be bound to any specific processor through a relatively thin binding layer, as demonstrated by the provided Saxoni18nService class. For example, the I18nService can be bound to Epic Editor through it's Java API, other Java-based XSLT processors, or Java-based user interfaces, or DOM-based XML processors.