AH Formatter MathML Conformance

AH Formatter V6 enables to draw Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) 3.0 defined by W3C using the XSL Formatter MathML Option and utilizing its originally developed engine. For that reason it's possible to draw high resolution images in PDF.

What Is MathML?

MathML allows programs to use mathematical and scientific content for Web creation by providing print typesetting and other outputs based on equations and advanced strings. MathML allows software to create notation for visual displays and apply semantics or voice synthesis to advanced scientific systems.

XML MathML will help you create a stylesheet and support advanced drawing and mathematical features that will be properly rendered in any browser. XML MathML will sometimes require plug-ins and applets, but the AH Formatter can turn your coding into visuals without any of this extra bulk. You’ll go from MathML to PDF without secondary translators or equation editors.

MathML Support for Your Every Need

The greatest benefit for MathML is the stylesheet acceptance of our great software. Secure the licensing for your standalone deployment for $100 or for an entire server for just $500. Your AH options will support:

  • XSLT MathML stylesheets
  • XML MathML stylesheets and conversions – best for developing your content
  • XSL-FO MathML stylesheets and conversions – best for outputs as printed or saved documents thanks to embedded foreign object support
  • MathML to PDF conversions and outputs

With this support, you can see high-quality rendering of your scientific, technical and medical publishing documents using MathML options. We can also help you transform XML MathML into XSL-FO MathML, so you can output it for your printer or PDF needs.

Instead of looking for a browser that supports XSLT transformations – which would involve all of your customers needing a fairly new browser – you can simply use the AH Formatter MathML Conformance capabilities to facilitate all the linking stylesheet instructions with your own XML file to define your required markups.

☞ AH Formatter Lite Customers must purchase “AH Formatter MathML Option” to draw MathML originally.

The below table shows the implemented MathML elements.

  • [yes] in the list means that the formatting object or property is implemented.
  • [partial] means that the formatting object or property is partially implemented.
  • [no] means not implemented.


CAUTION: We strongly recommend to embed fonts when generating PDF.