XSL Formatter V2.5 R1

Apr 30, 2003 2:13:36 PM

April 30, 2003


  • More than 20 proprietary extensions to provide powerful capabilities not yet supported by the Standard.
  • Enhanced formatting capabilities.
  • Enhanced printing functions.
  • Added performance and functionality in PDF Output Option.
  • Numerous additional improvements and bug fixes.

Formatting Function Enhancement

  • It is now possible to specify Base-URI from external reference by adding '-base uri-spec' to the command line option.
  • By specifying only the end page number in the command line option, it's now possible to output pages from the beginning of a document to the specified page number. By specifying only the first page number, it's now possible to output pages from the specified page number to the end of the document.
  • Formatter now support embedding EPS code in 'fo:instream-foreign-object'.
  • Support for line breaking of Thai language is now available only for WindowsNT/2000/XP.
  • The ability to make Blocks.txt and LineBreak.txt of UnicodeData is now available for Unicode 3.2.
  • The function of hyphenating words whose spelling can change when hyphenated is now supported.
  • The function of controlling the hyphenation frequency so that five succeeding lines should not be allowed to end in hyphens. (V2.5 MR3)
  • .NET interface is now available. (V2.5 MR3)
  • It's now possible to break lines between Thai text and Latin text. (V2.5 MR4)

PDF Enhancement

  • The ability to output bookmarks specified by the extension property "axf:outline-group" is now supported.
  • New support for the output of document information (title, subtitle, author, keyword) specified by the extension property 'axf:document-info'.
  • Reduced PDF file size by improving PDF output where the same image is used several times by now supporting external-graphic, background-image properties.
  • The magnification setting of bookmarks and internal links is changed from "Fit Width" to "Inherit Zoom".
  • The output of document information is improved so that it is outputted up to 256 characters, which was up to 127 before. It's available when the document information contains only the characters possible to be displayed by PDFDoc Encoding character sets (ordinary English) with PDF Option MR2.

New Pricing, Maintenance Program and Consulting Services

  • New simplified pricing has been implemented for XSL Formatter V2.5 for Widows, Linux and Solaris.
  • An Annual Maintenance program has now been put in place to ensure that supported customers always have the latest version release of their software.
  • A new offering of Consulting Services to write stylesheets or assist in writing stylesheets, and to add customer specific extensions to the core products.

Hyphenation Option Released

  • XSL Formatter Hyphenation Option is now available with XSL Formatter V2.5 MR2.
  • XSL Formatter Hyphenation Option makes it possible to hyphenate 40 or more languages.

Bug Fixes

  • The blank page that was generated between pages <fo:block span="all" keep-with-previous.within page="always"/> in a multi-column page.
  • The external hyperlink problem that occurred in PDF when axf:base-uri is specified in other than fo:root.
  • When using axf:xxxx which is made by extending the existing fo:xxxx, the extended property didn't work correctly because the value is not defined.
  • When specifying -d /dir/foo.fo using command line, there was a problem in changing relative path into absolute path of external reference.
  • When the writing mode is changed in the mid stream of fo:flow, bidi-override is not styled correctly.
  • when the footnote is sent to the other page together with the anchor, part of the anchor remains in the former page.
  • When the text is not surrounded by fo:block and fo:block is a child of fo:marker, the line of the text is not broken correctly.
  • When the Default Language is Japanese and full-width Greek characters of Japanese font are enclosed with full-width punctuations, only the first punctuation becomes Japanese font.
  • When the external-destination property of basic-link ends with ')', PDF is outputted incorrectly.

Antenna House XSL Proprietary Extension Properties

  • axf:document-info   Specifies the document information. The information is embedded into PDF.
  • axf:outline-group   Groups bookmark items of PDF, and outputs them collectively.
  • axf:footnote-position   Specifies whether to layout the footnote in each column or not.
  • axf:revision-bar-style   Specifies the style of Revision Bar.
  • axf:revision-bar-width   Specifies the width of Revision Bar.
  • axf:revision-bar-color   Specifies the color of Revision Bar.
  • axf:revision-bar-position   Specifies the position of Revision Bar.
  • axf:revision-bar-offset   Specifies the offset of Revision Bar.
  • axf:column-rule-style   Specifies the style of the column rule.
  • axf:column-rule-width   Specifies the width of the column rule.
  • axf:column-rule-color   Specifies the color of the column rule.
  • axf:column-rule-length   Specifies the length of the column rule.
  • axf:column-rule-align   Specifies the alignment of the column rule.
  • axf:background-color   Sets the background color of the page.
  • axf:line-break   Specifies whether to treat NonStarter characters or not.
  • axf:punctuation-wrap   Specifies whether to wrap punctuation characters or not.
  • axf:punctuation-trim   Specifies whether to treat full width punctuations as half width.
  • axf:kerning-mode   Specifies whether to trim adjacent full width punctuations.
  • axf:punctuation-spacing   Specifies the width of adjacent full width punctuations.
  • axf:text-autospace   Specifies whether to add space surrounding ideographic glyphs or not.
  • axf:text-autospace-width   Specifies the width for axf:text-autospace
  • inside/outside properties   Supports axf:float=inside/outside by adding these properties.
  • tb-lr/bt-rl/bt-lr/lr-bt/rl-bt properties   Supports writing mode by adding these properties.
  • axf:vertical-underline-side   Specifies to place the under line (side line) on which side of the text in vertical mode.(MR3)
  • axf:hanging-punctuation   Newly added instead of axf:punctuation-wrap according to the specification of CSS3.(MR3)
  • axf:line-break-at-punctuation-in-word   Controls the line breaking after the symbols.(MR3)
    *As the default setting is "nornal", the formatted result may differ from that of MR2. See Online Manual for more details.