XSL Formatter V2.5 Maintenance Release 1

May 19, 2003 2:39:09 PM

May 19, 2003

Bug fixes

  • When the block that has ID referenced by fo:page-number-citation exists within the page master specified as page-position="last", was not outputted correctly.
  • When axf:float="inside" is specified and the float area moves to the start edge, the content of the outside of the float area overlaps the float area.
  • When the height of fo:region-body in the page master specified as page-position="last" is lower than that of other page masters, the lower part of fo:region-body overlaps on top of fo:region-after in the last page.
  • V2.5 AXFO.DLL may not work correctly when it is called directly from the ActiveX Interface of V2.5 SDK.
  • Corrects the bug that axf:punctuation-wrap doesn't work correctly.