XSL Formatter V2.5 MR3

Sep 12, 2003 2:47:15 PM

September 12, 2003

Bug Fixes

  • When there are footnotes forward and backward of the column document with several pages, the output positions of the footnotes are not correct.
  • When linefeed-treatment="treat-as-space" is specified for fo:block, linefeed(U+0A) after is deleted.
  • When there is U+200C at the end of the content of fo:block or fo:inline, a lot of errors are displayed by XSL Formatter or XSL Formatter exits.
  • When there is Thai text in fo:inline in the table or the list, the line breaking is not processed correctly. Or XSL Formatter does not respond.
  • When the anchor is empty, the footnote is sent to the end of the page.
  • When the path of the Option file is absolutised by AXFOSVR.dll, all become the current directory if the drive is not contained.
  • When span=all is specified to the table with table-header, the column is not balanced well.
  • fo:page-number in fo:block-container is doubly outputted.
  • is specified to the blank page, the error message appears saying that expected page-sequence is not found.
  • When span="all" is specified to fo:list-xxxx, XSL Formatter does not respond.
  • When table-omit-header-at-break="false" table-omit-footer-at-break="true" is specified and the line breaks before fo:table-footer, table-header and table-footer are outputted incorrectly.

PDF Output

  • When the inline objects with the same file format are used several times, the second object or later are not displayed and the filst object is outputted repeatedly.
  • The background image is not outputted correctly when it is rotated.
  • The writing-mode property bt-rl/bt-lr/lr-bt/rl-bt is not processed.
  • The space is generated between the cells in the table where the zero-width border is specified.
  • The underline in the vertical mode is outputted on the right side of the line. Also in the XSL Formatter Format Options, the position of the underline in vertical mode is not processed.
  • The Unknown Error message is displayed when outputting PDF in the ASP environment.