XSL Formatter V3.1 MR4

Jul 30, 2004 5:55:41 PM

July 30, 2004

Bug Fixes

  1. The circular was not drawn correctly in SVG.
  2. The scaling in SVG was not correct when there was no viewBox specified.
  3. The text in WMF might not be output to PDF correctly.
  4. The image in WMF might not be output correctly.
  5. When writing-mode is other than lr-tb, block-container was not placed correctly and the content of the document might disappear.
  6. The division in the middle of the vertically spanned cell was not processed well, then the formatting process might hung up.
  7. There might be a case that break-before="page" in the column document didn't work.
  8. When both optimum and maximum for block-progression-dimension were specified to fo:block-container, the size of the content might be fixed as optimum.
  9. A correct JPEG might not be counted as JPEG.
  10. EPS embedded in fo:instream-foreign-object was not counted.
  11. When there was fo:float after the text in the cell in the auto layout table and white space was between them, an unexpected line break might occur in the text in the cell.
  12. When there was no fo:flow, the process went into an infinite loop.
  13. The forcible page break in fo:list-item-body did not work correctly.
  14. There was a case that the font might not be outputted unless the font-family is specified in SVG.