XSL Formatter V3.2 R1

Oct 15, 2004 6:04:55 PM

October 15, 2004


  • MathML can now be drawn by utilizing our optional direct creation module (available in Beta);
  • For those customers who have the Antenna House XSL Template Designer installed it's now possible to format by using the layout definition file;
  • WordML can be formatted without specifying a stylesheet;
  • PDF output can now be directed to multiple separate volumes;
  • PDF links are enhanced. Various hi-level links can now be set;
  • It is now possible to embed a PDF within a PDF;
  • Support for EUDC (end user defined character) for Private Use Characters has been added;
  • The restriction that AFM is required with Type1 font in the Windows Environment has been removed;
  • Newly added support to embed only the Type1 fonts that are actually used to PDF;
  • The following properties are now supported;
    • text-align=<string>
    • alignment-adjust
    • alignment-baseline
    • dominant-baseline
    • glyph-orientation-horizontal
    • glyph-orientation-vertical
  • It is now possible to specify the data scheme (RFC2397) to src of fo:external-graphic;
  • EMF/WMF in gzip file format is now supported;
  • TIFF functions have been enhanced;
    • New support for CIE L*a*b* color space;
    • New supports to transform the pallet color image into alpha;
  • GB18030 in FO encodings is now supported;
  • Diagonal border can be drawn in an area of the cell, etc;
  • white spaces with fixed length such as EM SPACE (U+2003), etc., can be placed without using fonts;
  • It is now possible to display fonts using Windows API, for example, Hindi;
  • It is now possible to specify editors in GUI;
  • It is now possible to send questions to Support from XSL Formatter GUI;
  • It is now possible to specify the stylesheet that maps to the specific XML in the Option Setting File;
  • It is now possible to specify the exception words with the Hyphenation Option;