XSL Formatter V3.2 MR2

Jan 11, 2005 5:09:25 PM

January 11, 2005


  1. The drawing accuracy of MathML is raised and it's now possible to modify the operator dictionary.
  2. It's now possible to specify the data scheme to axf:background-image.
  3. axf:assumed-page-number and axf:assumed-page-number-prefix are added to the extension properties.
  4. An unsolved ref-id in fo:page-number-citation, etc. is now cautioned.
  5. The internal leading of a font is taken into consideration to determine the height of the region.

Bug Fixes

  1. The layout might collapse in the auto-layout table.
  2. Some contents of a printer setting file might not be reflected correctly.
  3. There was no response if the document of a zero page was formatted with Command line.
  4. Since the subset font name embedded in PDF is fixed, it cannot merge with Acrobat5.
  5. The character specified by axf:append-non-starter-characters might not become effective.
  6. setDocumentText() in C++ / C interface didn't work.
  7. When table-omit-footer-at-break="true" was specified and table-footer had not been settled in 1 page, a part of table-footer might be missing.
  8. It might become a system error when the column width and the number of columns changed according to the change of a page master with the page break in the middle of flow.
  9. The position of a revision bar was not correct in vertical writing mode.
  10. An inaccurate PDF was generated if the rectangle which does not have area was gradated in SVG.
  11. The arrangement might become unusual when a page broke within table-cell.
  12. When both before-float and footnote existed, before-float was sent to the next page.
  13. When side-float was in the block just after the forcible page break, although the text in the block should be arranged beside ide-float, it is arranged downward.
  14. When the width of side-float was 0, sequential side-float overlaped even if clear was specified.
  15. When writing-mode was specified accidentally to the fo:block, it was evaluated.
  16. When outputting to PDF, some fonts might not become in vertical writing mode.
  17. The Hiragino Japanese fonts could not be embedded in PDF.
  18. The monochrome or colorless PNG could not be embedded in PDF.
  19. When WMF was embedded in PDF, the black box might appear which originally didn't exist.
  20. An old WMF might mot be able to display well.
  21. The character width might differ between GUI and PDF when font-weight="600" was specified.
  22. space-after of fo:table had influenced at the page break in the table-cell though there was no setup of space-after.conditionality="retain".
  23. When table-cell was immediately after a page break and number-row-spanned was set to the table-cell more than two in vertical writing mode, the display position might become inaccurate.
  24. The change of the CMYK value in FO might not be outputted to PDF.
  25. The characters might be too close each other in Japanese text.
  26. When EMF was outputted to PDF, it might be distorted or be reversed.
  27. The length of the revision bar within the area rotated by reference-orientation was not right.