XSL Formatter V4.2 MR3

Nov 7, 2007 12:57:06 PM

November 7, 2007

Bug Fixes

  1. Type 1 fonts were not being embedded.
  2. The .NET interface did not work.
  3. Change-bars applied to tables were not being outputted.
  4. Linearization was available in PDF1.7.
  5. <font-alias> described in font-config.xml did not work.
  6. The width of the contents of block-container in the table-cell was not reflected in the table column width when using the table auto layout setting, and the contents overflowed the table-cell.
  7. The generic font of Latin described in the font-family was not being adopted.
  8. "create font error" occurred when a Chinese font was specified in FO.
  9. The width of the block for the float contents overflowed the column width.
  10. When there was a block with span="all" after the column and the block was sent to the following page the footnote specified in the column also was sent to the following page.
  11. When keep-together-within-column was specified with a numerical value in the table in the column and a block with span="all" follows after the column, it didn't work.
  12. The vertical writing font in EMF was not vertical writing.
  13. When there were two or more axf:form-field, an "Empty Acroform Error" occurred while outputting PDF.
  14. Neither axf:field-readonly="true" nor axf:field-required="true" was working.
  15. If the block container was in another block container, the columns didn't break and overflowed.