XSL Formatter V4.2 MR4

Jan 16, 2008 1:04:34 PM

January 16, 2008

Bug Fixes

  1. Occasionally text-align="outside" does not work correctly.
  2. Occasionally page-break-before="always" does not work correctly.
  3. Some kind of WMF is not displayed.
  4. Adobe Reader reports error when using ZapfDingbats font.
  5. External XSLT designation does not work in .NET interface.
  6. break-before="column" does not work in the fo:block-container with height assignment.
  7. Occasionally contents are placed next column even if there is enough space in multi column region.
  8. Invalid %%BoundingBox, %%PageBoundingBox value outputs to PostScript.
  9. Occasionally error code 32776(8008) occurs depending the FO file.
  10. Occasionally runtime error R6025 occurs depending the FO file.
  11. PANTONE color assignment causes error in spite of specifying alternative color.
  12. Occasionally hung up occurs in Portuguese hyphen processing.
  13. The fo:leader expands too long when specifying axf:overflow="font-stretch".
  14. Occasionally footnote body is placed next page apart from footnote reference.
  15. The output is not printed at the printer specified in command-line "-ps" argument with printer setting file.
  16. If "color-profile-name" property is omitted, the default "#CMYK" is not adopted.
  17. Some Latin character does not work as kinsoku-character.
  18. Sometimes overflow="error-if-overflow" does not work correctly.
  19. The command-line "-svgspn" argument does not work.