Formatter V5.0 MR1

Apr 28, 2009 3:09:32 PM

April 28, 2009

Enhancements - The following CSS properties has been implemented or revised.

    1. avoid-page is added to (-ah-)page-break-before, (-ah-)page-break-after, (-ah-)page-break-inside.
    2. -ah-margin-break is added
    3. (-ah-)border-break is added
    4. central was added to (-ah-)vertical-align
    5. Formatting speed has been improved
    6. Support for Antenna House Web Interface V3.0 for Formatter, scheduled for release in early May, has been added.

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When data contents ',' + white space + Latin alphabet, the line doesn't break at the white space and the characters might overflow from the content area.
    2. When position: absolute; was specified in the inline, the line might break half way.
    3. The comment written in CSS might become an error.
    4. The targeted base URI referred by the relative URI in CSS was not correct.
    5. Relative specification in the redirected HTML was not correctly interpreted.
    6. The border occasionally influenced the boundary of the form in GUI when there was a border in the page block.
    7. content: None was the same processing as content: normal.
    8. The line doesn't break at the place where it should be and the characters overflowed from the region.
    9. The size of the caption, the margin might not be correct.
    10. The formatting might not end when the element that was not able to be recognized was included.
    11. The margin of table-caption was invalid.
    12. The marker and inline-block of the list in the column were not processed correctly.

XSL-FO - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When fo:index-key-reference page-number-treatment="link" was used for linking, it did not link correctly.
    2. The formatting speed of a fo file occasionally became extremely slow.
    3. The link in the index of output PDF did not occasionally function.
    4. The width of the rotated table cell might not be correct.
    5. The split table was not well balanced.

Common - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When the file was referred to specifying the relative path in data, it did not work correctly.
    2. When outputting to INX, the box was out of alignment and the radio button occasionally overlapped.
    3. When outputting to INX, a table might not be outputted.
    4. The color fill in CGM data might not be correctly outputted.
    5. The specification of linking to the external file might not be effective in the SVG option setting.


    1. When setting the URL specified with ID in the HTML file, it might not open in GUI.
    2. When formatting HTML data in GUI, 'Page Select' in the PDF Output dialog changed into Multi Volume output when selecting the output range.