XSL Formatter V4.3 MR8

Jun 29, 2009 3:01:24 PM

June 29, 2009


  1. start-column, end-column, inside-column, and outside-column are added to axf:footnote-position.

Bug Fixes

  1. Columns in a table were not well balanced.
  2. When the name of the external link of fo:basic-link was figures, the relevant page did not open.
  3. A list arranged beside the float occasionally became incorrect when a page break occurred.
  4. The rounding specification of table was not reflected in the background of table-row.
  5. space-before specified to fo:block was not correctly secured when there was no border specification in fo:block, which was a parent of fo:float.
  6. When the table was rotated, the width of the cell and the output position were not correct.
  7. When axf:footnote-number-reset="page" was specified, footnote numbers were not outputted correctly.
  8. Footnotes might be outputted to the wrong page.
  9. When multiple fo:table-row were specified, table-marker were overlapped.
  10. When multiple fo:table-row were specified, table-marker were overlapped.
  11. A page broke with a big white space when the height was specified in table, table-row, and table-cell.
  12. when axf:line-number-reset="page" was specified, numbers were not reset when the table broke or cells overflowed.
  13. The position of the side note was not correctly outputted when the anchor was in FO which generated the reference area.
  14. The border of table-marker might not be correct.
  15. When the table extended over the next page, the position of the footnote in table-header was outputted incorrectly.
  16. When there were table and block in block-container and it was not possible to break between table and block according to the keep condition, the block-container occasionally wholly moved to the next page without being broken in the table.
  17. Punctuations occasionally overflowed from the cell.
  18. An exception error occasionally occurred when a child of fo:table-row had fo:retrieve-table-marker.
  19. The specification of left or right using the clear property did not match with the actually targeted float.
  20. axf:footnote-keep="always" did not function correctly.
  21. When setting the security with PDF embedding, the file that could not open was generated.
  22. When embedding a specific PDF, an error occurred when opening the generated PDF.
  23. When data with the Form field was outputted to PDF, the text in the field was not occasionally displayed.
  24. When missing-glyph="0" was specified in the option settings, missing-glyph was not detected.
  25. If the unit of px or em were specified for the size property, it occasionally became an error.
  26. When the specified value of the size property is only length, the specification might be disregarded.
  27. The character in fo:inline-container occasionally swerved to the vertical direction when script was specified in fo:block.
  28. When PDF was embedded in the input data, an unnecessary text was occasionally displayed in GUI.