Formatter V5.1 R1

Sep 16, 2009 3:14:25 PM

September 16, 2009


    1. MIF Output Option is newly added. MIF is a format to interchange information between Adobe FrameMaker and other applications.
    2. The CSS properties concerning the page and column break, break-before, break-after and break-inside are implemented.
    3. The FO property span="all" and CSS property column-span="all" have been implemented for the children of multi-column FO block-container and CSS div objects.
    4. The column-fill property in CSS and axf:column-fill extension property in XSL-FO are implemented.
    5. It's now available to reset the footnote counter in CSS3.
    6. Border-parts in CSS3 is available.
    7. The watermark can now be outputted in PDF.
    8. Multiple pages of a PDF can be embedded in a single external graphic object.
    9. Blocks can now be placed outside of the bleed area.
    10. Oblique/backslant can now be specified to font-style in FO.
    11. HTML tags are retained in the output document when generating tagged PDF from HTML and CSS.

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When vertical writing was specified in table-cell, the content of the cell was arranged incorrectly.
    2. When ah-reference-orientation was specified to inline-block, it was not rendered correctly.
    3. When a page break was inserted within a table, the cell border of the table was not outputted.
    4. The content of the cell was occasionally doubly outputted.
    5. @top-left and @top-center occasionally overlapped each other.
    6. -ah-content-height:scale-to-fit was not effective when specified.
    7. An unnecessary blank was inserted and the table was arranged under the page when a page break was inserted within the table with margin-bottom specified.
    8. When content was specified to a::After and a line break was inserted, the content overflowed the area.

XSL-FO - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When DOM was used with the COM interface, Missing End Tag was occasionally generated.
    2. When axf:hanging-punctuation="first"specification was specified, the punctuation was hanged even if it was not the first line of the paragraph.
    3. fo:inline-container occasionally misaligned to the vertical direction when "Jpan script =" was specified.
    4. Keep-together specified to fo:table-body also controlled the break between fo:table-body when there were multiple fo:table-body.
    5. When the block with "All span =" followed the column break, the page was not correctly broken.
    6. When writing-mode="rl-tb" was specified, the numbers were not outputted correctly.
    7. The exception error occasionally occurred when formatting Arabic data with Vista.
    8. When formatting a data with a big table with the table header, the memory occasionally increased.
    9. The footnote text occasionally overlapped when a footnote was in the table within a list.
    10. When table extended over the next page and a footnote was in the table-header, the footnote was outputted incorrectly
    11. Even if text-align="'.' center" or text-align="'.' " axf:text-align-string="center" were specified, text was not center aligned.
    12. When there was no text before the leader, the leader extended beyond the area.
    13. The embedded PDF might not be outputted correctly and a blank page was outputted.
    14. Even if "0pt leader-length.minimum =" was specified, length did not occasionally become 0pt.

Common - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The revision bar in the column block occasionally placed not to the column but the entire page area.
    2. The revision bar in the column block occasionally placed not to the column but the entire page area.
    3. A font error occurred when there was a space in the font name specified for font-family in non-Windows version.
    4. If the area tree was specified with render() in the Java interface, an error occurred.
    5. When outputting PDF-1.4 based PDF/X-1a:2003 etc., "PDF output error" was generated.