XSL Formatter V4.3 MR9

Oct 8, 2009 3:04:13 PM

October 8, 2009


  1. MIF Output Option is newly added. MIF is a format to interchange information between Adobe FrameMaker and other applications.
  2. Support for Windows 7 (32bit/64bit).

Bug Fixes

  1. The revision bar in the column block occasionally placed not to the column but the entire page area.
  2. When axf:hanging-punctuation="first" was specified, the punctuation was hanged even if it was not the first line of the paragraph.
  3. fo:inline-container occasionally misaligned to the vertical direction when "Jpan script =" was specified.
  4. keep-together specified to fo:table-body also controlled the break between fo:table-body when there were multiple fo:table-body.
  5. When the block with span="all" followed the column break, the page was not correctly broken.
  6. Even if filling in of form fields and signing of the PDF file were not prohibited, these were not available to input.
  7. A system error occurred with a specific data.
  8. When outputting PDF from the area tree with large size, a system error occasionally occurred.
  9. When writing-mode="rl-tb" was specified, the numbers were not outputted correctly.
  10. When a space was included in the file name specified with src of fo:external-graphic in non-Windows version, it occasionally became an error.
  11. When formatting a data with a big table with the table header, the memory occasionally increased.
  12. The footnote text occasionally overlapped when a footnote was in the table within a list.
  13. When table extended over the next page and a footnote was in the table-header, the footnote was outputted incorrectly.
  14. A font error occasionally occurred in non-Windows version when there was a space in the font name specified for font-family.
  15. Even if text-align="'.' center" or text-align="'.' " axf:text-align-string="center" were specified, text was not center aligned.
  16. When outputting PDF-1.4 based PDF/X-1a:2003 etc., "PDF output error" was generated.
  17. The embedded PDF might not be outputted correctly and a blank page was outputted.
  18. Even if "0pt leader-length.minimum =" was specified, length did not occasionally become 0pt.
  19. When a big figure was included in a column and a page broke, a column was not broken in the following page and it overflowed.
  20. Hanging was not occasionally correctly processed when a punctuation character and the following character were in the keep relation.
  21. The float occasionally overflowed from the page when there was a block where break-before ="Page" was specified after fo:float.
  22. When selecting the page range to output after changing the file name to output to PDF, the edited file name occasionally returned to the origin.
  23. When the PDF with embedded PDF was opened with Acrobat, it occasionally became an error.
  24. If PDF was outputted from GUI specifying "Distiller EPS-processor =" in the Option Setting File, it occasionally became an error.
  25. Even if different PDF files were embedded in PDF, they were occasionally outputted to the same PDF twice.
  26. The overflow was occasionally generated without breaking columns when there was a block after the block with span all that was not fitted in one page.
  27. In the two-column document, when keep-with-previous="always" was specified to fo:table-row, a table in the second column overflowed.
  28. When SOFT HYPHEN at the end of line was outputted, it was occasionally outputted as different font from the surrounding text.
  29. There was a problem in the error processing when an instruction was not able to be recognized while rendering CGM, the formatting occasionally ended with the error level 4.