Formatter V5.1 MR1

Dec 9, 2009 2:17:50 PM

December 9, 2009


    1. Added the column value to the table-omit-header-at-break property.
    2. The Option Setting file can now specify how an underline, a strikethrough, and an overline overflows between characters with text-decoration-mode.

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When margin:auto was specified to an image with float:left/right, the position might not be correct.
    2. When -ah-text-justify-trim: kana; was specified, the line didn't break with < br /> in data.

XSL-FO - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. Floats occasionally overflowed on the page when there was a block with break-before ="Page" after fo:float.
    2. When a table was placed in the second column after the span-all in a two column document, the table occasionally overflowed when keep-with-previous="always" was specified to fo:table-row.
    3. The position of a block that had been moved by afloat was not always correct.
    4. When span="all" was specified to the final fo:block, the marker was not correctly arranged.
    5. When a table in a multi-column document broke while balancing columns, it didn't break appropriately.
    6. When the page overflow in the block-container with reference-orientation="90" specified, it didn't break right before the block-container.
    7. An exception error occurred if specific FO data was outputted to the area tree.
    8. When formatting the FO data for a table without data in each cell, then outputting to INX, an error occurred while reading data with InDesign .
    9. A page overflowed when the column broke within the table cell in the column document.
    10. space-after was not effective.
    11. fo:block was missing with specific data.
    12. A page broke right after the empty fo:wrapper with id.
    13. A table overflowed with the table-omit-header-at-break setting.
    14. When FO has no <?xml version="1.0"?>, an exception error occurred while formatting with the kerning option.
    15. The processing of the space might be incorrect and the character overflowed.
    16. Footnote-numbers duplicated.
    17. When a page broke with the cell in the table spanned in the vertical direction, the PDF tag was not correctly set.
    18. An exception error occurred when span="all" was specified in data.
    19. The line did not break because the text division was not correctly done.
    20. When axf:overflow-condense="font-size"was specified in the block with wrap-option="no-wrap" and there was fo:page-number-citation specified within the block, the font size of the page number was occasionally incorrect.
    21. Characters of a footnote were overlapped.
    22. When there was fo:retrieve-table-marker, a border was not correctly drawn.

Common - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When opening the PDF with Acrobat, which had a PDF file embedded, it caused an error.
    2. If PDF was outputted from GUI specifying "Distiller EPS-processor =" in the Option Setting File, it caused an error.
    3. Even if different PDF files were embedded in PDF, they were outputted to the same PDF twice.
    4. An overflow was generated without breaking columns when there was a block after the block with span would not fit on one page.
    5. When SOFT HYPHEN at the end of line was outputted, it was outputted as a different font from the surrounding text.
    6. The processing of POLYBEZIER in the FIGURE instruction in CGM data did not correspond to filling FIGURE.
    7. An error occurred when Distiller was used at the same time in GUI and the command line of Formatter.
    8. Characters were not correctly displayed in the outputted PDF when using a specific font.
    9. When outputting the data with font embedding to SVG, the font was not embedded.
    10. The processing speed was extremely slow in the Linux version.
    11. When Type1 font was used, the information of height was not correctly acquired and extra pages might incorrectly be generated.
    12. The hyphenation exception dictionary of the hyphenation was not effective for specific words.
    13. When displaying the outputted PDF with Acrobat, characters were missing.


    1. Even if the file name of the PDF to output was changed, the edited file name returned to the original name when selecting any of the output range.
    2. The GUI did not properly display SVG data.
    3. When opening the PDF file that Formatter outputted with Adobe Reader9, an error occurred saying "This page contains an error."
    4. The pitch information (fixed pitch or changeable pitch) for outputting to a PDF file might not be correct.
    5. When outputting a tagged PDF, an error occurred saying "16390 (4006): PDF output error. (3101) TaggedPDF fails because of crossed mark content"
    6. A specific PDF file might not be displayed with AH Formatter GUI.