Formatter V5.1 MR2

Apr 9, 2010 3:20:09 PM

April 9, 2010


    1. TrueType fonts with ANSI encoding can now be embedded.
    2. The limitation that CSS stylesheet cannot be specified in the stream input formatting process with dot net and Java interfaces has been removed.

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. Even if condense;-ah-overflow-condense:font-stretch; was specified, the text was not condensed.
    2. The element arranged in a left column was arranged in a right column when the column was specified.
    3. When a page started with a block with span all (column-span:all) and the following column document did not fit into one page, the page did not break correctly.
    4. The setting of margin-bottom was not reflected in bottom-right.
    5. AH Formatter did not respond when formatting data with column-span:all.
    6. The content overflowed under the page within the block with span all.
    7. The float positioning was not correctly processed when float: bottom was specified.
    8. When outputting to the MIF format, at-rule was not appropriately reflected.
    9. The content overflowed when formatting column specified data.
    10. The content overflowed when the column-span:all property was applied to the element that exceeded 1 page.
    11. The border shifted when the cell with the rowspan split in the table where table-footer and border-collaps was specified.
    12. When -ah-intrusion-displace: block was specified, the position of the float in the block that moved horizontally was not correct.
    13. float: footnote in the table was not correctly arranged when @footnote and float: footnote were specified.
    14. An incorrect error occurred depending on data when outputting to INX and MIF.

XSL-FO - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. Some contents dropped out when Tagged PDF was continuously outputted.
    2. The height of fo:table-header was incorrect.
    3. When xml:lang was not specified, punctuation marks and margin values were not processed correctly.
    4. When the number of glyphs increased more than the original text, a PDF output error occurred.
    5. When page-position="last" was specified in fo:conditional-page-master-reference, it was not outputted correctly.
    6. list-item overflowed from the region-body area with specific data.
    7. In the line right after the page break, the value of inside/outside of text-align specified to the block inside of fo:inline-container did not calculate correctly.
    8. xsl-before-float-separator did not work correctly.
    9. If axf:hanging-punctuation="end" was specified, text-align of inline-container was not effective.
    10. The text overflowed at the end of line when axf:hanging-punctuation="end" was specified.
    11. When a page break occurred in the middle of a table with columns, the content overflowed.
    12. If italic was specified, it did not process when writing-mode="rl" was specified.
    13. before-float positioned after the block with space-after was sent to the next page when space-after was cancelled at the end of the page.
    14. An exception error occurred with specific data.
    15. The text overflowed with specific data.
    16. A table-marker was not outputted depending on data.
    17. When putting page-number-citation to adjust the leader dots, PDF output error occurred with data using Kashida in Arabic text.
    18. The content overflowed from the table cell when there was block-container with the text direction of both vertical and horizontal in the table cell and text-justify-mode="4" was specified.
    19. U+201C was not processed as a closing parenthesis when xml:lang="ru" was specified.
    20. Even if page&#x00A0;<fo:page-number-citation ref-id="XXX"/> was specified to avoid the break, a line break occurred before the page number.
    21. When there was a block that could not be broken just before float="before" and the block was sent to the next page, the blank page was outputted.
    22. Footnote text was outputted to the subsequent page.
    23. When axf:suppress-duplicate-footnote="true" was specified, axf:footnote-number did not process correctly.
    24. The processing of the punctuation marks and margins was incorrect when there was no language setting.
    25. When axf:column-count and span="all" were specified to fo:block-container, the column was not processed.
    26. When id in FO duplicated, any duplicate id error was given.

Common - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The table overflowed when there was a column with the specified column width with fixed table layout.
    2. When formatting a file whose name has '#' in it with GUI, the "Unexpected end of input stream." error occurred .
    3. The content overflowed when there was a block with span all inside of the column block.
    4. In Solaris (Sparc) version, an error occurred when opening an OpenType font embedded PDF.
    5. When a page break was set as disapproved in the column block, a page break occurred even if there was enough space for the block within the previous page.
    6. When displaying PDF with Acrobat the text occasionally looked bolder when the transparency attribute was set.
    7. An error occurred while reading a GIF file.
    8. An error occurred when ligature was set to a specific font.
    9. The Symbol font was outputted incorrectly.
    10. The PDF output error 16390 occurred when image-downsampling was made effective.