Formatter V5.3 MR3

Nov 17, 2011 2:37:15 PM

November 17, 2011

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When checking the syntax of a formula, the calculation of an absolute unit plus a relative unit produced an error.
    2. avoid-widow-words did not become effective.
    3. A closing parenthesis at the end of a line did not become half-width.
    4. When the block progression dimension was specified, block was rotated 90 degrees, and the size of the block was auto, text-align:center did not work correctly.
    5. When min-height and -ah-display-align were specified to the block, the arrangement of the block contents might become inaccurate
    6. When there was a br tag which was not surrounded by div, the position of the float might shift.

XSL - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The specification when converting U 0085 and U 2028 into U 000A in the text was not controlled between XML 1.1 and 1.0 version.
    2. The block with the absolute position was arranged to the wrong page.
    3. When Variation Sequence was used, a font error occurred with PS output.
    4. keep-together.within-page="always" did not become effective.
    5. starts-row="true" specified as the table footer instead of table-row might not function correctly.
    6. When the table was rotated and the table break occurred, the content of the table cell was outputted also to the adjacent cell.
    7. When double line was specified to the cell of table-header, a part of line after the page break did not become double line.
    8. The table row overflowed region-body with a specific data.
    9. When overflow="error-if-overflow" was specified to region-body and overflow occurred, an error was not shown by the table overflow in the in-line progression dimension.
    10. When axf:punctuation-trim="all" and axf:overflow-condense="font-stretch" were specified, the content overflowed the flame.
    11. When the document had multiple flows which were assigned to multiple region bodies, the region body for the page master assigned to the last page appeared on the second to last page.
    12. Retrieve table marker in the table header caused the table columns overflow on mulit-column pages.

Common - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When axf:alt-glyph was specified, the character might fall off partially while outputting to PS and XPS.
    2. auto-fallback-font="false" did not become effective on the font selection by script.
    3. The formatting process did not end when ligature-mode="latin" was specified.
    4. The character of 𠮷 in vertical writing data did not become vertical when outputting to PDF.
    5. When Variation Sequence was used, spaces between ideographic characters and European characters were not being added.
    6. Font aliases were not correctly saved in the Area Tree.
    7. 2pass option caused the page number citation to be incorrect.
    8. When intrusion-displace="block" was specified and data has float="inside" or float="outside", even if a page break occurred on the way, the position of the block was affected by the float.
    9. The float broke across page and didn't honor intrusion displace.
    10. Cursive Arabic scripts were not outputted correctly.
    11. Text overlapped when specific fonts were used.
    12. Formatter crashed when opening CGM.
    13. PDF output of Formatter caused an error in Acrobat when using STIX font.
    14. When a font with font-weight, without bold was used, the inaccurate dash pattern was outputted to the outline.
    15. Unnecessary page was created after the spanned block.

Other - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The position of text was incorrect when specific fonts were used.
    2. Text in the private use area was not shown in PDF.
    3. MathML caused a system error when the predefined symbol element of the content element was not the first child element of the parent.
    4. EMF did not have all of the content rendered in Formatter.
    5. Runtime error occurred with the COM interface when the option setting file was not correctly set.
    6. EMF images were not rendered partially. CGM images were not rendered when using CGM plugin.