Formatter V5.3 MR4

Apr 18, 2012 3:41:33 PM

April 18, 2012


  1. Support for the "switch "element for SVG.
  2. use-preferred-family in the font configuration file can now be specified. Now you can specify nameID=16 as font-family.

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  1. When there was no position:relative, -ah-overflow-condense might not be effective.
  2. The content was sent to the following page even if there was still enough space with the column document.
  3. When max-width was specified to the block, the text line within the block might overflow exceeding the specified width.

XSL - The following issues have been corrected:

  1. Some FO file caused segmentation fault.
  2. When the block containers had the property break-before="page", there was an extra blank page inserted between the float and the block container.
  3. When intrusion-displace="indent" was specified, an excessive indent might be set or text didn't wrap.
  4. If a word ended a sentence and had a footnote label after it and landed at the end edge of a line, the word did not hyphenate.
  5. The page number was set to 0 in the table of contents.
  6. Text overflowed by overflow="condense".
  7. The auto layout table after the float was not correctly positioned.
  8. The absolutely positioned block container in the table header had a different height after a column break.
  9. When a table exists in a table, table-header of outside table has fo:retrieve-marker and inside table has fo:marker, the behavior was wrong.
  10. A different value specified to the max-height property was outputted.
  11. When the background image was specified and the image was not recognized, it was made not to display the broken picture image.
  12. The interpretation of the fragment in URI could not be performed.
  13. The scaling of images became non-uniform with small height difference.
  14. When the circled number was surrounded by fo:inline, spaces generated by text-autospace:ideograph-numeric were inputted before and after the circled number.

Common - The following issues have been corrected:

  1. Japanese text in the text form field might not be displayed correctly when outputting to PDF.
  2. The radio button was not correctly outputted in PDF.
  3. multi-page PDF form only submitted last page.
  4. "PDF output error." occurred while outputting to tagged PDF.
  5. Contents were not displayed while outputting to tagged PDF.
  6. "#" was not encoded but "\" was encoded with the coloration
    encoding while outputting PDF.
  7. TIF images were not correctly outputted in PDF.
  8. The content of input data lost when outputting to PDF.
  9. When font-size was specified to axf:overflow-replace, the character might disappear.
  10. text-decoration between the leader and the page number might become invalid.
  11. Depending on the font used, a leader might not be outputted correctly.
  12. right-float overlapped with text.
  13. The characters of the specific Type1 font overlapped.
  14. When U+200B was in the line, justify might become inaccurate.
  15. The processing did not end with the data containing before-float.
  16. The position of the float changed when intrusion-displace="line" or "indent" was specified.
  17. An error occurred when outputting barcode data to PDF.
  18. A negative value was not able to be specified with the rspace attribute of the <mo>element in MathML.
  19. Footnotes in the table header displayed differently and incorrectly from the second page.
  20. Hamzah under Arif might overlap with Waw in Arabic.
  21. Margins (space-before/space-after) might not be processed correctly and the page did not break at the appropriate point.


  1. The bold setting in the text element in SVG was not reflected.
  2. SVG clip path with transformation attribute caused inconsistent behavior.
  3. The gray scale, bpc=16 in JPEG 2000 was not correctly processed.
  4. When outputting a radio button to PDF1.3, unexpected button field was outputted.
  5. A specific EMF image might not be outputted correctly.
  6. CGM caused Formatter to consume large amounts of memory.
  7. Processing of the name character staring with "/" in PDF was corrected.
  8. Data with a table did not correctly outputted in PDF.