Formatter V6.2 MR1

May 1, 2014 9:54:59 AM

May 1, 2014

- V6.2 MR1 Release


  • Support for the language expressed by Sinhala characters (Sinh).
  • It's now available to specify the language you want to remove a certain kind of accent mark in the Option Setting File when text-transform="uppercase" (omit-uppercase-word-accents).
  • It's now available to specify the annotations in the embedded PDF in GUI.


FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • multi-column block container did not break as expected.
  • The property display-align-last was not honored in the last page.
  • table-layout="auto" calculated the incorrect width.
  • overflow="hidden" didn't appear to work if a table cell width was very small.
  • axf:overflow-condense did not work correctly.
  • The footnote body overwrote xsl-footnote-separator.
  • axf:footnote-max-height did not work correctly.
  • axf:baseline-grid was not being applied within list blocks.
  • axf:line-number-reset="page" was not working.
  • A block with span="all" did not honor keep properties.
  • Floats moved by auto-next/auto-move overlapped the text.

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • @page margin box (e.g.,@bottom-left) content was positioned incorrectly.
  • The margin on the before side became big when ah-baseline-block-snap:border-box was specified.
  • The after pseudo-element was not formatted correctly.
  • position:absolute was not positioned correctly after the page break.

Common - The following issues have been corrected:

  • BIDI was not processed correctly.
  • linear-gradient which specified CMYK was recognized to be RGB by Acrobat.
  • axf:line-number-position="alternate" was ineffective in multicolumn block-container.
  • Formatter hanged with specific data.


  • The integration of the object might not be completed in Adobe Acrobat with the PDF outputted by AH Formatter.
  • Tagged PDF/A produced with Formatter failed with the online validation tool.
  • Crop marks produced smaller lines in an embedded PDF.
  • PNG images were transmitted incorrectly when outputting to PDF.
  • MathML syntax errors stopped rendering.
  • Newer versions of ghostscript failed to convert EPS without additional options.
  • Postscript output changed character codes when fonts were not embedded.
  • Postscript output did not maintain hyperlinks after it was run through Distiller.
  • Formatter crashed instead of error message if Formatter environment variables were not set with Solaris and Linux.
  • pgbar option with Linux didn't write a steady stream of output.
  • Rotated cgm text was placed incorrectly.
  • Hyphenation files caused Formatter to stop working.