Formatter V6.3 MR1

Mar 24, 2016 11:25:17 AM

March 24, 2016
- V6.3MR1 Release


    1. content-type application/x-font-ttf and application/x-font-otf etc. can now be specified for axf:font-face
    2. tfoot can now be placed after tbody in the CSS function
    3. Values can be specified for columnspacing, rowspacing and framespacing in the MathML function

XSL - The following have been improved:

    1. able processing
    2. float processing
    3. Line break processing
    4. break-before="column" processing
    5. force-page-count processing
    6. multiple flow-map processing
    7. text-align processing
    8. space-after.conditionality="retain" processing

CSS - The following has been improved:

    1. Line break processing with SOFT HYPHEN

Common - The following have been improved:

    1. axf:diagonal-border-* processing specified for table
    2. Character height processing against the fixed width space

Other - The following have been improved or corrected:

    1. PDF output processing
    2. pdf error occurred with multiple axf:form-field having the same field-name
    3. CGM data processing
    4. Sizing when specifying fragment of SVG data
    5. Font processing
    6. Exception dictionary processing for Thai
    7. Pass-through could not be specified with the Command Line Interface
    8. java render() method didn't report accurate license error messages