Formatter V6.3 MR3

Jul 8, 2016 11:10:57 AM

V6.3 MR3

July 7, 2016

XSL - The following have been improved:

  • Crash with fo file containing fo:retrieve-table-marker in table-header.
  • Table cell contents were not outputted.
  • Table cell contents were doubly outputted.
  • High memory usage with long lines in a block.
  • Contents at the end of flow being dropped.
  • Change bar disappeared after page break.
  • Leaders overflowed the page area.
  • overflow="error-if-overflow" did not produce an error.
  • The word is not broken even if axf:word-wrap="break-word" is specified
    to the word that cannot be broken by the Thai exception dictionary.

CSS - The following has been improved:

  • Formatter drew the border of the unrotated block instead of the rotated one.
  • Border style dotted prevented border-length property from being honored.
  • Transform translate [xy] did not accept percentage values.

Common - The following have been improved:

  • Multi-column block-container in a table cell didn't balance.
  • The content overflows the page.
  • Ruby positioned incorrectly.
  • Italic with ruby positioned incorrectly.

Other - The following have been improved or corrected:

  • Linearized
  • Linux version of Formatter hanged the outputting area tree.
  • AppleGothic fonts in vertical writing were displayed incorrectly.
  • CGM file produced the corrupt pdf.
  • Downsampled 16-bit color png was distorted.
  • The value of the omitted attribute registered in the operator dictionary changed.
  • The customization to the operator, lspace which wasn't in the
    operator dictionary also influenced rspace.