Formatter V6.4 R1

Dec 8, 2016 3:00:44 PM

V6.4 R1

  • December 8, 2016


    1. Support for PDF/UA output. no-LT
    2. It's now possible to specify whether to embed Multimedia in PDF. axf:multimedia-treatment / CSS -ah-multimedia-treatment no-LT
    3. Digital Signature Field can now be specified to the Form Fields.
    4. The action by JavaScript has been added to Form Actions. axf:action-type
      With this feature, events such as MouseUp, MouseDown are now available to specify. axf:form-field-event no-LT
    5. The blur can be specified to the text shadow. text-shadow / CSS (-ah-)text-shadow no-LT
    6. last or :only are available to specify to @page in CSS.
    7. The CGM rendering engine has been completely rewritten.
    8. stop-opacity is available in SVG.
    9. CSS processing written in <style> in SVG is now available.
    10. The baseline or the centerline in MathML can now be shown in GUI. Baseline no-LT
    11. Windows Server 2016, Macintosh 64-bit have been added to the System Requirements

XSL - The following have been corrected:

    1. The columned document overflowed.
    2. Unexpected page break and "keep" was not working.
    3. force-page-count with multiple flows caused an extra blank page to be inserted in the middle.
    4. Text overflowed when the ligature ended with ZWJ or ZWNJ in Kannada document.

CSS - The following have been corrected:

    1. A float appeared on the wrong line after the page break.
    2. The Formatter output had unexpected placement and positioning of parentheses and mixed Arabic and English text.
    3. An image overflowed after the spanned title.

Other - The following have been corrected:

    1. An error occurred when outputting PDF/X-4.
    2. Tagged pdf output forced "isplaydoctitle" to true.
    3. Outputted tagged PDF was incorrect.
    4. Formatter stopped with errors when outputting data with annotations.
    5. Thai accent marks rendered incorrectly with Noto fonts.
    6. Formatter wasn't correctly applying Myriad fonts.
    7. The processing of tone marks in Bengali was improved.
    8. embed-font-encoding="WinAnsiEncoding" embedded the font incorrectly.
    9. data was processed incorrectly.
    10. SVG rendered incorrectly.
    11. The extra rendering when the @namespace attribute was present in SVG.
    12. MathML Cambria font with scriptminsize=0pt resulted in invalid font size in output pdf.
    13. The alignment of subscript with integral sign was improved.
    14. MathML was not coming out bold as expected.
    15. The shift amount of subscript can be adjusted.
    16. The italic subscript in horizontal direction can be adjusted.
    17. The baseline of subscript/superscript can be adjusted.
    18. The postscript output was not searchable when converted to PDF using Distiller.
    19. Ability to handle redirected http(s) added.
    20. Unnecessary reference from XfoDotNet35Ctl*.dll to Microsoft.Synchronization. Files.dll caused a warning.