Formatter V6.4 MR2

Mar 17, 2017 11:34:26 AM

March 16, 2017
- V6.4 MR2 Release

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • A table border was not shown when border-collapse="collapse" was specified.
  • A float with float-x="end" float-y="before" generated an extra page if it overflowed vertically.
  • A float object was not shown when axf:repeat-cell-content-at-break="true" was specified.
  • When multiple fonts were specified to the font-family, the alternative font was not correctly processed.
  • An error message, "Unresolved index-key value" was outputted incorrectly.

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • A float overlapped the flowing text after breaking across the page.
  • An empty span with ::after caused the wrong page selector to be used.
  • An inline-block content overflowed when max-width was set.
  • -ah-float-margin-y caused an extra line of text to be rendered above float.
  • Margin boxes were being rendered even if no content was defined.
  • A block with 'clear: both' overflowed into the footnote area."
  • A page break prevented the counter increment from working.
  • The % value was not available with the calc() function.


  • Crash with supplied document.
  • An error message is now generated when unclosed element() function keeps parsing.

Other:(PDF, fonts, images, MathML, output options, others)

  • A PDF object became corrupted when copied from the embedded PDF.
  • SimSun-ExtB fallback to 'Arial Unicode MS' set in Formatter config caused the punctuation character to overlap.
  • The leader did not appear after Area Tree was used as Formatter input.
  • .Net OnRenderPage with @GUI printer sent duplicate page render events.