FAQ for Antenna House Regression Testing System

Dec 4, 2018 1:21:42 PM

How is our software different from other pdf to pdf compare software?

The difference is that the focus of our software is to process large amounts documents in a short period of time and to detect all graphical changes. When trying other software you'll find that they will give false positives since they look at the underlying code instead of only the graphics and that they are slow to process large batches of documents.

Is it possible to use text-by-text compare instead of pixel-by-pixel compare?

The current version of the software does not contain this feature, but is planned for a future release

Does your software allow testing files in batches?

Yes, it does. The Regression Testing System can compare 2 directories containing PDFs with the same file names. When using the GUI, simply select directories instead of individual PDFs.

Does it work on a server?

Yes, however Expanded version or higher is required . These versions also have a command-line API, making it easy to integrate into your pipeline.

What is the recommended DPI setting?

A DPI of 72 or more is recommended for detecting small character changes. However we encourage you to test your documents with different DPI settings to find what best suits your needs. Lower DPI will increase speed of comparisons, while higher settings will be slower, but detect extremely small graphical changes.

Is it possible to exclude other areas of the document besides the margins?

No. If there are enough user requests, it may be considered as a feature in the future.

What is the purpose of the first three tabs “Test Samples”, “Render” and “Compare”?

Those options are for comparing different versions of Antenna House Formatter.

If you are comparing already existing PDFs you wouldn't need to use those. For existing PDF samples you would use the 'PDF 2 PDF Compare' option instead. If you wanted to compare say Formatter 6.4r1 against the latest version (6.6mr1), you could specify a directory that has a set of .fo samples in the 'Test Samples' tab. You would then use the 'Render' GUI tab to create a PDF for each version of Formatter being compared. The 'Compare' tab would then be used to perform the visual comparison.