Now Offering Subscription Licenses

June 27, 2019

Antenna House is now offering Subscription Licenses for all AH Formatter products.

The Subscription License requires a 12-month* commitment and the customer cannot opt out until the subscription period ends. The Subscription License includes maintenance and support for the duration of the subscription.

For pricing information, check out our Subscription page or download the Subscription License pricing guide.

*For subscription periods less than 12 months, please contact

Will Antenna House Discontinue Perpetual Licenses?

No. The subscription offered by Antenna House is intended to address the large number of requests for temporary licenses for proof of concepts, short term projects and similar requirements.

Should I Migrate My Existing Perpetual License to Subscription

For existing customers with perpetual licenses and a current annual maintenance agreement, there would be no good reason to migrate their existing licenses to a subscription.

Does Subscription Include Support?

Yes. Subscription licenses are covered by maintenance so customers will receive technical support, bug fixes and upgrades to all major and minor releases during the subscription period.

Can I Migrate from Subscription to Perpetual License?

Yes. If you wish to convert to a standard server license during the subscription period, you will receive credit from the subscription license towards the purchase of a new server license. Please note that the used maintenance period will be deducted from the credit.