Formatter V6.6 MR7

August 1, 2019

V6.6 MR7 Release

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Removing revision bar made other revision bars disappear. #17188
  • Background PDF image with background-position-vertical led to corrupt PDF output. #21081
  • column even though axf:footnote-position="column" was specified. #20273

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • The page break caused the float overflow. #20829
  • The span all block with only one column of the content following didn't fill the available space. #20991
  • The top property specified as percent value for the absolutely positioned element didn't appear to work. #20984
  • Infinite page output loop with right to left text in html. #20814
  • target-text 'before' was not working with rtl text. #20897


  • When outputting PDF/X-1a, even if the same output condition identifier as PDF to be embedded was specified, the warning of "Color profile is empty" occurred and PDF output failed.
  • Memory leak with embedding remote PDF file. #20752
  • character-by-character font selection did not appear to be working in SVG context. #20730
  • considered in case of full-width characters. #20136
  • rgb-icc separation color could not used for the barcode. #20819
  • Windows GUI 'Unexpected end of input stream' with the directory that contains '#'. #20801