Formatter V6.6 MR9 is now available.

November 7, 2019

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Floats with axf:float-y="after", axf:float-reference="page" specified were sent to the next page.
  • The table overflowed to the right instead of continuing below. #21771
  • The baseline changed when there was a float. #21780

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • span="all", forced page break, and space settings created extra pages. #21826
  • -ah-margin-break processing caused unnecessary margins. #21768
  • target-counter() caused an overflow with long target-text(). #21764
  • A crash with data that had a float being processed incorrectly. #21802
  • The last page selector did not work with an empty element. #21700


The following constant names in enum XfoPDFVERSION of C/C++ interface were incorrect. The correct value is "2011" instead of "2001". V6.6 MR9 or later cannot be used with the old constant name. Use the correct value if the old one is used.

PDFA_2a_2001_14, PDFA_2a_2001_15, PDFA_2a_2001_16, PDFA_2a_2001_17, PDFA_2b_2001_14, PDFA_2b_2001_15, PDFA_2b_2001_16, PDFA_2b_2001_17, PDFA_2u_2001_14, PDFA_2u_2001_15, PDFA_2u_2001_16, PDFA_2u_2001_17