AH Formatter V6.6 MR10 is now available.

December 20, 2019


  • When the rounded corner is specified, the rounded corner is applied even when the border-style is dotted, dashed, dotted-dash or dot-dot-dash. RT#19410

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • span="all" block caused text to overflow under the float in the second column. RT#22269
  • fo:initial-property-set caused a letter to be dropped from the second line. RT#21966
  • The footnote numbers were not incrementing. RT#22064
  • An overflow occurred when the area with overflow="condense" included the ruby area.

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • The processing of position: absolute; specified for the li element of the table was incorrect. RT#21962
  • The table border with position: absolute; was displayed twice.
  • The table referenced by the element() function was incorrectly reflected in the margin box.
  • ::before elements in the table used wrong counter values. RT#22102


  • Incorrect bookmarks with axf:outline-group and multi-volume output. RT#22067
  • The rtl content produced a corrupt PDF. RT#21877
  • The glyph index error didn't provide the glyph information. RT#22176
  • Couldn't set SVG width or height using CSS. RT#21940
  • The rendering from the area tree file lost the inline svg background image. RT#22275