AH Formatter V7.0 MR3 is Released

July 16, 2020

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Overlapping table cells when a float changed the table geometry. RT#23943
  • Retrieved table header was not used to calculate the table column width. RT#21753
  • Incorrect footnote number in a table. RT#23820
  • Crash due to due to incorrect footnote processing. RT#24081
  • Use of letter-spacing discarded the space character after fo:page-number-citation. RT#23966
  • fo:bidi-override used a wrong parenthesis. RT#23821

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • A footnote in a table header was not repeating. RT#23753
  • Bottom margin in a footnote body caused the footnote to be prematurely moved to the next page. RT#23980
  • -ah-keep-together-within-dimension did not prevent the overflow. RT#22648
  • Incorrect running element in a multi column document. RT#24045
  • Wrong named page used with page reference that generated an extra page. RT#23797
  • The process hung with page-break-before. RT#23937
  • PDF Linearizer error. RT#23999
  • PDF corruption. RT#23919, RT#23920


  • Cut and paste from PDF with 'Arabic Typesetting' font swapped letters. RT#24079


  • When using the local() function for the src of font-face, the specified order of font-face affected the formatted result. RT#23751
  • SVG opacity over gradient did not work in PDF output. RT#23940
  • SVG fill-opacity was incorrectly applied to <image>. RT#24014