Formatter V7.3 MR3 is released.

June 15, 2023


  • Now able to make bars thinner without adjusting the space size with linear barcodes. RT#31336

FO Corrections:

  • Table was missing due to the incorrect processing of keep-with-previous. RT#31331
  • table-cell with block-container using width="100%" prevented the table width from expanding.  RT#31332
  • Table began rendering one row per page. RT#31344
  • Nested marker used the wrong font. RT#31158
  • axf:line-number-reset="page" did not work with BPIL. RT#31327

CSS Corrections:

  • overflow: error-if-overflow; did not work. RT#31372
  • Formatting did not end due to the incorrect processing of content:.


  • axf:output-volume-filename escaped spaces in Linux. RT#31338
  • List items in the table with axf:pdftag="Artifact" were tagged incorrectly. RT#31414
  • Linux crashed with clip-path url()in SVG. RT#31407
  • Line had no arrow. RT#31405
  • font-alias weight did not work correctly. RT#31396
  • Markers were missing in SVG. RT#31393
  • Incorrect colors in SVG. RT#31393
  • Discoloration at the top of the image in SVG. RT#31393
  • Lines were missing in SVG. RT#31393
  • Border around the image was missing in SVG. RT#31393
  •  Curve rendering problem in CGM. RT#31363
  • AreaTree embedded floating images as base64 instead of linking with CSS formatting. RT#14699
  • HTTP 1.1 Transfer-Encoding: chunked did not work in Linux. RT#31366
  • Crash with remote image and pass-through="none". RT#31375