Office Server Document Converter Free One-Year Offer

March 24, 2023


Antenna House is currently offering a FREE One Year Subscription for our Office Server Document Converter Non-Production software for a limited time.*

What is Office Server Document Converter?

Office Server Document Converter (OSDC) is a powerful conversion library used for converting large volumes of Office documents (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) into PDF or images on a server. It does not rely on Microsoft Office or Adobe so there is no need to worry about additional costs or licensing agreements for external software. It is an excellent complement to AH Formatter and can be used to convert Excel tables into images and/or convert PPT to PDFs for embedding into technical documents.

What are the benefits?

  • Fast, reliable, and unlimited server-side document conversions 
  • Does not require Microsoft or Adobe software installation so no need to worry about third-party licensing changes
  • Seamless integration in any application with included APIs - Java, .Net, COM, C/C++, Command-line
  • Supports PDF 2.0, PDF 1.1-1.7, PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2b, Tagged PDF
  • Supports Windows and Linux operating systems
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How is OSDC used?

  • Thumbnail and Document Previews: OSDC is integrated in many applications to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint files to SVG/JPG/PNG formats for easy viewing on mobile device or in a web browser
  • Print Driver: OSDC is the official print driver for a State Legislature printing their amendments and converts Word documents to PDF so all lines and page numbers print correctly regardless of printer type
  • Data Migration: OSDC has been used to convert over one million patient files in MS Word to PDF for a health clinic that was migrating to a new Electronic Health Record system
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Interested in a free Non-Production license* for one year? Sign up now! 


*This offer is for a Standard Non-Production license. Non-Production licenses can only be used for testing and development purposes; not for live production. This offer is available until August 6th, 2023.