PDF Visual Comparison

Compare PDF to PDF for Visual Differences with Antenna House Regression Testing System



Benefits of Comparing PDFs Visually

  • Automates regression testing (PDF to PDF compare)
  • No more false positives from differences in underlying code that generated the PDFs
  • 90%+ reduction in human effort – compare thousands of documents in under an hour
  • 90%+ reduction in regression testing time
  • Able to catch 100% of the differences in page formatting
  • Able to catch more subtle differences that could otherwise go unnoticed
  • Able to test more often with increased reliability in the regression testing process

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Use Cases for PDF to PDF Compare

Whenever there is an update of:

  • documentation software versions
  • stylesheets applied to your content
  • formatting software
  • your graphics or rendering software
  • any system that produces a PDF

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Available for Windows, Linux & Mac OS
Command Line API available on expanded version and up.

The Standalone license is for use by a single user on one machine. A GUI is provided for the Windows Standalone user. The Standalone License cannot be used on a server. AHRTS can run only on the computer that it is installed on. The Standalone License cannot be run from other computers directly or indirectly, even if they have access to the computer that AHRTS is installed.

A Server License resides on a central system and enables multiple users or applications to submit files for regression testing. There are no limits to the number of users or applications that can submit files. Typically in a web application the Server license is required. The GUI on a Windows Server is limited to the one administrative screen on the machine.

A separate Server License is required for each Server that AHRTS is installed on.

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