OSDC V6.1 MR2 / SBC V6.0 MR5

March 14, 2018


1) Conversion from Word (DOCX)

  • A table and characters in the previous line overlapped.
  • MS Gothic was shown as MS Mincho.
  • Drawing canvas was not displayed.
  • The layout frame and the text box overlapped.
  • A voiced mark was separated and output with two letters.
  • Characters painted with the highlighter pen were output as outlined characters.
  • A text box placed near the page boundary was sent to the next page.

2) Conversion from Word(DOC)

  • Numbering in the list in the table changed to the same format as the list body.
  • The output position of the figure shifted and it was hidden outside the page.
  • Characters were output with overlapping due to the error while trimming the space between words coming after a parenthesis.
  • Strike-through was not working for character attributes such as bold/italic types specified by style.
  • A part of English text line was overlapped because the space between lines became narrow.
  • Spaces immediately after the numbering in a list were not displayed.
  • Horizontal ruled lines were output in the middle of the vertically merged cells in a table.
  • A part of ruled lines in a table was not displayed.
  • The indentation of the hierarchical structure was not correctly reproduced.

3) Conversion from Word

  • There was an unexpected line break immediately after a hyphen.

4) Conversion from Excel(XLSX)

  • The shape of the marker in a chart was incorrect.
  • System error occurred with a bar graph with range error bars.
  • Range error bars in a bar graph were not shown.

5) Conversion from Excel

  • Excel conversion didn't report missing fonts.
  • The position at the end of the numerical value in a cell shifted to the right.

6) Conversion from Office (OOXML) *DOCX/PPTX/XLSX common (figure)

  • An arrow set at the end of the curve graphic was not shown.

7) Conversion from RTF

  • Some AutoShapes were not output.
  • A table within the layout frame was not output.

8) Conversion from WML format

  • Some of the polygonal shapes were output incorrectly.