Formatter V6.5 MR6

July 5, 2018

July 5, 2018
- V6.5 MR6 Release


  • When outputting multi-separate volumes, if there is a bookmark that uses an internal link, even if axf:outline-expand=”false” is specified, an improvement was added so that the bookmark is expanded in the target pdf.
  • In CJK, when axf:avoid-widow-words=”true” is specified, it is now possible to specify whether the ending punctuation counts as a character/word. #17032

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • The footnotes overflowed. #16411
  • The processing of separating the document containing nested fo:page-sequence in multi-volumes was incorrect.
  • A blank page was created due to the incorrect processing of fo:page-sequence-master.
  • axf:spread-page-master was forced to generate pairs of pages unexpectedly. #17269
  • When a subdirectory was specified to axf:output-volume-filename, it was not outputted as expected.
  • When a subdirectory was specified to axf:output-volume-filename, a bookmark link to the separate volume PDF was incorrect.

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • A table inside the multi-column footnote body broke incorrectly. #17260
  • The overflow of inline-block with the defined height was influencing the line height. #17183
  • The leader in the table with auto layout overflowed the width.
  • -ah-font-feature-settings: "kern" 1 caused the ragged justification.
  • -ah-outline-internal-destination couldn't specify a page number in the PDF.
  • The background-image prevented the use of font declared with @font-face. #17042
  • The attr function was not resolved within ::footnote-call pseudo-element. #17217
  • @top-right content overflowed when the width of page-margin boxes was not specified. #17263


  • Arabic diacritical mark with 'Myriad Arabic' font was output as missing glyph in PDF. #16976
  • Accents were not placed correctly if automatic ligatures were turned on. #17065
  • The TIFF image failed to render with ExtraSamples error. #17089
  • The area tree added extra quotes to bookmark titles. #17127
  • The area tree to PDF showed a broken graphic for valid image.
  • The area tree to PDF lost the overprint. #17324
  • Extra table cells with varying visibility with axf:spread-page-master.
  • Linux https certificate validation failed with wild card hostnames. #16960