OSDC V6.1 MR3 / SBC V6.0 MR6

July 10, 2018

The following issues have been corrected.

Vulnerability report from Cisco

  • Cisco TALOS-2018-0596 advisory: OLEread Code Execuction Vulnerability #17011
  • Cisco TALOS-2018-0598 advisory: putShapeProperty Code Execution Vulnerability #17011
  • Cisco TALOS-2018-0597 advisory: vbgetfp code execution vulnerability #17011
  • Cisco TALOS-2018-0599 advisory: putlsttbl code execution vulnerability #17151
  • Cisco TALOS-2018-0600 advisory: vbputanld code execution vulnerability #17151
  • Cisco TALOS-2018-0603 advisory: GetShapePropery 0x105 code execution vulnerability #17151

Conversion from Word

  • The content was missing. #16326
  • Files containing incorrect field codes could not be converted.
  • A color fill was not applied.
  • Images were not positioned correctly or missing.#16095
  • Images were not output when converted to PDF.
  • The number of rows in the table increased, and a part of the table that did not fit within the page was missing.
  • Indent position shifted, text was missing.
  • The leader of the table of contents was missing.
  • Support for ADVANCE field (\d,\y) #16282
  • The paragraph number was incorrect.
  • Positions of image, shape, object etc. were incorrect.
  • The display position of the figure was incorrect
  • The position of the image in the table shifted and it overlapped with another table.
  • Most content was rendered in a small area and overflowed. #16326
  • The height of a line with an object was incorrect. #16326
  • The page break position was different from the original.
  • An incorrect page break occurred after the table.
  • The break position of the table that went across the page was different from the original.
  • A page break didn't occur in the middle of the table where the title line was specified multiply.
  • The line break position differed from the original.
  • The line break position differed from the original Word.
  • The processing of blank lines that were not displayed in Word's print preview was incorrect.
  • There was an unnecessary empty line.
  • A line with only a tab and a white space in the original became multiple lines.
  • The space between Japanese and alphanumeric characters was not reflected even it was specified.
  • Text was not justified.
  • The upper and lower range of the background color of the character became wider.
  • When there was a ruby text, enclosing lines around text didn't show up.
  • The width of the text box became narrower.
  • Diagonal ruled lines of table cells were not displayed.
  • An unexpected long slanted line was displayed.
  • The background of the text became opaque.
  • The color of text in a table was incorrect.
  • The width of the left and right margins of even-numbered pages may be reversed.
  • The column width of the table was different.
  • The hyperlink in the table of contents was displayed as underline attributes in blue.
  • Characters in a merged cell disappeared

Conversion for DOCX/PPTX/XLSX

  • VmlShape was not output correctly.

Conversion from RTF

  • AutoShape was not output correctly.

Conversion from SVG

  • Converting an SVG file to PNG, JPEG, TIFF sometimes resulted in a blank output.

Conversion to EMF format

  • A color fill was not applied.