Formatter V6.6 R1

August 30, 2018

August 30, 2018
- V6.6 R1 Release


  • <noLT/> Support for Ethiopic and Syriac scripts.
  • <noLT/> Now able to create PDFs with forms using HTML and CSS.  #17012
  • Footnote breaking in CSS is now available as well as in FO. #14454
  • <noLT/>: Specifying the grouping of page number reference for CSS is now available #14603
  • Now able to use @page with page selectors. #15137
  • Specifying :last to any @page is now available.  #15645
  • Now able to specify the object-fit, object-position properties.
  • Specifying content-list for the bookmark-label value is now available.
  • Now able to add the content from multiple elements into a running header without loosing their formatting properties. #17368
  • Composite values for -ah-leader-length can now be specified. #16848
  • Multiple background images can now be specified.
  • <noLT/> (From V6.5MR5): The border color, style and width of the free text annotation can now be specified.
  • <noLT/>: Specifying the shape of the connecting portion of borders is now available.  #5618
  • <noLT/>: Now able to specify whether the height of each row occupied by the cell should be as even as possible when the height of a cell with rowspan is high.
  • (From V6.5MR6): Specifying whether to count the last punctuation to be included in one character when axf:avoid-widow-words ="true" is specified in CJK is now available.  #17032
  • Ligatures can now be suppressed by inserting a zero-width space, etc. between letters where a ligature occurs. #16166
  • The document information can now be specified for any XML that is not HTML.  #14572
  • <noLT/>: Print mark types, such as a registration mark, have been added.  #16798
  • Support for OpenType MATH Feature.
  • MathML Settings have been enhanced.
  • Option Setting File can now be specified with parameters when starting the GUI program.
  • The number of digits after the decimal point of real numbers to be output in PDF can now be specified. #14723
  • Support for WOFF File Format 2.0.
  • CSS processing described in &lt;style&gt; in SVG has been enhanced.
  • Specifying whether to enable &lt;hyphen-min&gt; in the Hyphenation Exception Dictionary is now available.  #14890---

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • axf:footnote-keep did not work. #17607
  • axf:border-radius created artifact in PDF output. #17760
  • Column balancing with space-before.maximum moved the content prematurely to the next page. #16305
  • PDF link destination didn't work if visibility="hidden" was set on outer block. #17371

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • attr() did not work with background-image. #17452
  • 'break-before: right' and 'column-span: all' caused an overflow. #17477
  • An image reference in the content property did not work correctly.
  • &lt;input type="hidden"&gt; did not work correctly.



  • PDF/X-1a output with embedded PDF/X-1a failed.
  • Application error with Noto font.
  • In certain fonts and conditions, characters with the same GID were merged with one Unicode
  • Font config alias name matching font name didn't appear to work. #17719
  • CGM image no longer rendered. #17366
  • Multi-domain certificates were not considered in server hostname verification.

No-LT = Not in Lite Version