Web Interface for OSDC V1.0 MR1

November 21, 2018

Web Interface for Office Server Document Converter V1.0 MR1 is released.

The following feature has been added:

  • The command file keys for the folder monitor:
    • Added the key EXT_APPEND for appending extension after original file's name when output file name is not specified.
    • Added the key EXT_REPLACE for replacing the extension with the default one named when output file name is not specified.

The following specification has been changed:

  • When Web Interface is combined with OSDC trial license, the specification change was made to operate as a regular version of Web Interface.

The following issues have been corrected:

  • The folder monitor issue
    • Presence of command.txt in zip file reset the exit error level set by default command file.
    • The mail transmission failed when the folder monitoring service was running in Java 10
    • Every non-zip file's extension was always set as ".pdf".
    • Null pointer exception occurred if the default folder monitor command file isn't readable
  • The server program issue
    • Corrected to display invalid value with the error message of
    • Fixed a vulnerability with temporary file handling.
  • The installer issue
    • Installer GUI didn't work with Java 9 or 10.