Formatter V6.6 MR2

December 6, 2018

December 6, 2018
- V6.6 MR2 Release


  • PDF Named Action can now be specified to internal-destination. #18348
  • In the digital signature field, it's now possible to specify whether to lock the document at the time of signature. axf:field-lock-document / CSS -ah-field-lock-document. #18118

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • A float was pushed out and an unnecessary blank page was created.
  • Slow formatting for multiple overlapping flows and off-page floats.#18483
  • Inconsistent column balancing in multi-column block container. #18714
  • Handling of footnote set in fo:table-header caused Formatter to crash. #18380
  • When text-align="end" was specified, the processing of axf:text-overflow was incorrect. #18931

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • A data with a table caused Formatter to crash. #18652
  • Incorrect padding of nested list markers. #18546
  • An image rotated with -ah-reference-orientation didn't scale correctly.#18241
  • string() didn't work with -ah-bookmark-label #18438
  • calc() did not work with background-position. #18438
  • Formatter failed due to the incorrect processing of @footnote and @sidenote.
  • break-inside: avoid-page; did not work. #18230


  • The sliced block with '-ah-line-stacking-strategy: font-height' still applied margin-bottom. #18230


  • The color processing of color was incorrect when embedding PDF.
  • Embedding large file size PDF in Windows 32 bit version sometimes resulted in memory shortage.
  • When embedding PDF/X-1a in PDF/X-1a, the processing when specifying output intent by output condition identifier was incorrect.
  • Specifying the page number of the link destination did not work.
  • UNC file links did not open correctly. #18759
  • Unable to reference bold and italic fonts using @font-face. #18727
  • Crash when generating PDF with Non-CID font. #18689
  • The msup 2nd element was not superscripted. #18493