OSDC V6.1 MR4 Release

December 5, 2018

The following issues have been corrected:

  • Conversion from Word (DOCX)
    • When there was a space at the beginning of the line and the text is justified, the width of the space increased.
    • OSDC crashed with a file created with software that is not Microsoft Word. #18224
    • Word strikethrough and underline went past the text. #18171
    • Text and images overlapped.
    • The paragraph prespace at the top of the page was not suppressed. #18171
    • Text was not justified. #18171
    • A document including pages with different number of rows and columns might not convert correctly with an error message. #17792
    • Text in the figure might not convert.
    • The position of the line or the image sent to the next page at the end of the page was incorrect.
    • The position of the image shifted in the vertical writing document.
    • The space between the lines with ruby was too wide.
    • The line spacing and the white space became narrower depending on the font.
    • The line spacing was too wide when there was a small inline image.
  • Conversion from Word (DOC)
    • When the character size changed in the document, the thickness of the underline changed.
  • Conversion from Excel (XLSX)
    • Conversion from XLSX to PDF resulted in illegal PDF.
    • Text color was output as white when converting from XLSX to PDF.
    • Text color was output as white when converting from PPTX to image.
  • Conversion from Open Office (OOXML) *Common for DOCX/PPTX/XLSX
    • Conversion of VmlShape resulted in illegal PDF.
    • VmlShape was not output.
  • Conversion from TIFF
    • The PDF size converted from the combined TIFF became larger than the sum of the file size before combining.